Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Black & Blue Baguette Sandwiches

Have you ever had a last minute disaster with a dish you were bringing to a party/get-together? It totally happened to me this year. I had planned on bringing Black & Blue Crostini as an appetizer to our family's Thanksgiving dinner. Not only planned, but got all the ingredients together and started to prep it. The first step is to marinate Roast Beef in an olive oil & herb mixture. {totally delicious!} Only... I had cheaped out and bought a lesser brand olive oil than I normally do. {pinching pennies} FAIL. The olive oil coagulated during the marinating process and I was left without an awesome appetizer to show off. {i almost cried} However, this roast beef was not going to be wasted. Oh no, no, no. Instead I sliced it up, sauteed it and added the container {these hips didn't grow over night} of blue cheese that was supposed to be used in the Black & Blue Crostini. Then I served it on a toasted baguette - again, that was supposed to be used in the Black & Blue Crostini.

My husband and I were both moaning with joy while eating these Black & Blue Baguette Sandwiches. I'm sure it would have been disgusting to watch - but you totally would've wanted a bite.

And I would've shared, mostly because I love getting people addicted to food that I love.

Black & Blue Baguette Sandwiches
½ cup extra virgin olive oil
4 cloves garlic, minced
1 tablespoon minced fresh rosemary leaves
½-1 teaspoon red pepper flakes (depending how spicy you like it)
Freshly ground black pepper, to taste
1 lb sliced deli roast beef
5 oz. crumbled blue cheese and/or gorgonzola
1 sourdough baguette - cut in half lengthwise, split open and toasted
1. Mix together olive oil, garlic, rosemary, red pepper flakes and pepper. Set aside.
2. Separate & slice pieces of roast beef, place in gallon sized bag. (i use a bag because most of the air can be removed leaving just meat and marinade to mingle)
3. Pour olive oil mixture into bag. Seal it almost close, take as much air out as possible and seal. Let marinate in the fridge for at least an hour.
4. Heat large skillet over medium-high heat. Add roast beef and cook until most moisture has evaporated. Remove from heat, stir in blue cheese/gorgonzola.
5. Split meat up over baguettes.
6. Devour. Try to share. :)


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