Friday, March 27, 2015

Cast Iron Pizza Pan Crust {Family Favorite}

Sometimes I seriously wonder if my 4 kids are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reincarnated. Seriously. They can pack pizza away like high school boys {but they're only ages 2-6} and I find myself having to cut them off. Yes, cut them off like drunks at a bar. {I used to bartend, so I have good experience with this! haha} And as you probably know, ordering pizza from a restaurant can add up quick - real quick. So, I have 4 kids {+1 husband} who can eat pizza like they're competing in an eating challenge and I am trying to save money where I can - it only made sense to start making their favorite food at home. From scratch. Through many, many, many trial and errors - I present to you Cast Iron Pizza Pan Crust!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Weeknight Flautas {Quick Meals}

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As a mom to four kiddos, I don't always have the time that I would like to make dinner. If it were up to me, I would be preparing and serving complex dishes that have a lot of ingredients - but that's not the case, there just isn't always time for that! I need easy, real homemade meals that can be made in 30 minutes or less. These Weeknight Flautas are just that - 4 ingredients needed and they are on the table before you know it. My kinda meal! And don't let the number of ingredients in this recipe fool you about the flavor that's packed inside - with the help of Campbell's new Soups for Easy Cooking, these flautas have the flavors of tomato, peppers, onion, garlic, lime juice and cilantro.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Red Hot Chili Pepper Mac & Cheese with Bacon {Mezzetta Recipes}

One of my favorite comfort foods is Mac & Cheese. It's warm ooey-gooey cheesiness is pleasurable enough to make most bad days tolerable. Yes, I just admitted to emotional eating - let's just move on... The other day I was introduced to Mezzetta Everything Spread and instantly thought it would be the perfect way to kick my favorite Mac & Cheese recipe up a notch. {I was so, so, so right!} The recipe is a cinch to make, so the hardest part was deciding which Everything Spread to incorporate into the goodness. I hemmed, then I hawed - but then finally decided on creating this Red Hot Chili Pepper Mac & Cheese with Bacon. This is like top-shelf comfort food y'all!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Breakfast Meatballs

These Breakfast Meatballs are a meat-lover's breakfast dream!

I am not an indecisive person, but I sure do hate having to choose between breakfast sausage, bacon and ham when going out to breakfast. Decisions, decisions! It's like asking me which of my kids I love the most - although I may play around from time to time on the answer, the truth is that I have no favorites and I love them all the same. {yes, i just compared my love of pork products to the love i have for my own children. don't judge.} So, what to do when you want to enjoy breakfast sausage, bacon and ham all at the same time? I guess the easy answer is that you eat them all... but let's make these Breakfast Meatballs instead! These amazing {i said it} meatballs will wow the crowd and are perfect for any breakfast, brunch or brinner that you have planned. Serve with a side of country gravy for dipping {drenching} and you're set!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Mast-o-Khiar and a Spice Journey with RawSpiceBar

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This past weekend was Nowruz {the Persian New Year} and I was lucky enough to celebrate with a big ol' bowl of Mast-o-Khiar and a plate of Advieh Khoresht Marinated Chicken Kabobs. Now, do not be fooled - I had no idea what either one of these things were up until a couple weeks ago. I knew what the Persian New Year was, but had no idea about Persian cuisine. I must give credit where credit is due and that is to RawSpiceBar. RawSpiceBar is a subscription service that delivers some of the most flavorful, freshly ground spice blends from around the world and this month's spice journey was to Tehran, Iran.