Friday, April 11, 2014

Lemon-Ginger Marinated Shrimp {No-Cook}

I remember being young and turning my nose up at cocktail shrimp. It just seemed a little disgusting to me even though I loved fried, grilled and sauteed shrimp. Then one day, I don't remember where, the only appetizer was cocktail shrimp. So I reluctantly tried one, smothered in cocktail sauce... OMG. Yeah, I ended up with a belly full of cocktail shrimp - they were so fresh and delicious!!

#GetHimFed Fridays {No. 30}

Welcome to #GetHimFed Fridays {No. 30}!!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Triple Bacon Meatballs {Bacon Lovers}

So... I took a bunch of bacon and shoved it into 55 meatballs. I share this recipe for Triple Bacon Meatballs because I deeply love you.

I make no bones about it - I love bacon. BAAAAAAAACON.

A while back Papa Murphy's had this pizza that was called the Bacon, Bacon, Bacon Pizza. {would they just hire me to come up with their pizza names already?!?} The pizza was crammed full of bacon, bacon and more bacon - and lucky for me, my in-laws left some after watching the kiddos one day. {score!} The pizza was amazing, I can't believe it's not on Papa Murphy's regular menu. The Bacon, Bacon, Bacon Pizza was the complete inspiration for these Triple Bacon Meatballs

Ground pork, Canadian bacon, peppered bacon, maple bacon. drool.