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Chili-Lime Cheesy Beef Rolls #FreshTake

Using Kraft Chili Lime & Panko Fresh Take, as part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias®, I made Chili-Lime Cheesy Beef Rolls for an easy dinner. #FreshTake

Chili-Lime Cheesy Beef Rolls #FreshTake #shop

Grab your napkins, I have some awesome finger food to share! This past weekend I made Chili-Lime Cheesy Beef Rolls to serve with a tapas-style dinner for my family - it was fun, fresh and best of all it was an easy dinner that pleased the whole gang. The only item I had to cook was the Chili-Lime Cheesy Beef Rolls and that was made a breeze with Kraft Fresh Take.

Chili-Lime Cheesy Beef Rolls #FreshTake #shop

Kraft Fresh Take is a mixture of natural cheeses and seasoned breadcrumbs that can be found in the dairy section, next to the shredded cheeses. I bought my package at Walmart {check out my shopping trip at Google+}, using a .99 coupon {}, making it 50% off. Score! The options are nearly endless of what can be created with this delicious blend and there are a jackpot of recipes at the Fresh Take website {}.

Kraft Fresh Take hanging in store #FreshTake #shop

So, let's talk about these Chili-Lime Cheesy Beef Rolls that were a part of our awesome & easy dinner...

Chili-Lime Cheesy Beef Rolls #FreshTake #shop

First of all, they were delicious. We ate the rolls by themselves, sliced on top of chips and also dipped in salsa - all resulting in a taste-bud pleasing experience! The seasoned breadcrumbs have a delicious chili flavor with just the right pop of lime. It saved a TON of time having the breadcrumbs pre-seasoned and not having to mess around with a lot of ingredients. Sometimes I just want something easy - and this perfectly fit that bill. 

All that is needed is a pound of sliced roast beef, diced green chiles, cream cheese and of course, Chili Lime & Panko Kraft Fresh Take. I love a short shopping list!

The natural cheeses and seasoned breadcrumbs are not pre-mixed and for this recipe we are going to leave them separate. The cheeses will go on the inside of the Chili-Lime Cheesy Beef Rolls, while the seasoned breadcrumbs will coat the outside.

Kraft Chili Lime & Panko Fresh Take #FreshTake #shop

Chili Lime Cheesy Beef Rolls #FreshTake
Kraft Chili Lime & Panko Fresh Take
4 oz cream cheese, softened
2 oz green chiles {I used canned}
1 pound sliced deli roast beef
2 tablespoons olive oil
1. Heat oven to 350.
2. Mix together cheese blend from Fresh Take package, cream cheese and green chiles.
3. Spread about 2 tablespoons of mixture over a piece of roast beef and then roll. The amount of cream cheese mixture used will depend on size of roast beef slices. I yielded 7 rolls with this recipe, but my pieces of roast beef were pretty big.
4. Pour seasoned breadcrumbs from Fresh Take package onto plate and spread evenly.
5. Brush olive oil over roast beef rolls and then roll them in breadcrumbs.
6. Bake for 15-20 minutes, until roast beef starts to turn dark brown and cheese is melted.

While the Chili-Lime Cheesy Beef Rolls were in the oven, I got everything ready for our tapas-inspired spread. This is such a fun meal to prepare because there are so many options of ingredients to use. We had spicy hummus, tomatilla salsa, grapes, mixed nuts, flavored pretzel pieces, tortilla chips, applewood-smoked gouda, mini toasts, carrots, oranges, blue cheese stuffed olives and the oh-so wonderful beef rolls. There was something for everyone and the kids LOVED having a wide variety of finger foods to munch on.

Easy Tapas Night #FreshTake #shop

I loaded up a plate and sat back to watch the kiddos dig in. There is nothing that makes this momma more happy than to see the kids chowing down on a homemade meal. While enjoying my Chili-Lime Cheesy Beef Roll I thought about the different meats and flavor combos I could try out with Kraft Fresh Take... oh, so many options, can't wait to come up with my next creation!

Chili-Lime Cheesy Beef Rolls #FreshTake #shop


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