Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Cheese & Burger Challenge - #1 Casanova

A few years ago I stumbled across one of the most awesome sites out there – Cheese & Burger Society. It is a collection of the most beautiful hamburgers I have ever seen. Mr. Hungry Harp and I drooled all over the keyboard as we flipped from hamburger to hamburger. (The site is set up like a rolodex, so you can “flip” through the selection of burgers.) We talked about making some of them, but it never materialized into anything.

Then the other day, as I was making our weekly menu, Cheese & Burger Society crossed my mind. I decided to make one of their delicious looking creations, but didn’t know which one. How about all of them? Yes! Of course, I couldn’t make them all at the same time – that would be way more extreme than anything I would want to deal with… haha. But how do you pick only one when there are 30 choices? Well… I decided to start a little challenge for ourselves, start at #1 and slowly work our way through them all!

#1 on the list is the Casanova. I did a little research on the actual man named Casanova and let me tell you, the things he did have no place on a food blog. The man was a freak. Let’s just stick to talking about the hamburger here…

The Casanova (burger) is built on a potato roll – it starts with mayonnaise, sliced ham, 1/2lb burger patty, swiss cheese, sautéed mushrooms and ends with Dijon mustard. I am pretty sure it was the biggest burger I have ever made. Mr. Hungry Harp said it was awesome and he loves when meat from an animal besides a cow is put on his hamburger. (A bit morbid, I know…) I thought it was pretty good – not spectacular, because I am not a huge fan of Dijon mustard.

The next burger, #2, for us to try is the Rhinelander. Rhinelander is a city in Wisconsin – which is a little less risqué than Casanova. Can’t wait to share it with you!


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