Monday, January 12, 2015

Flavored Milk for Dipping Cookies

Cookies and milk just got better - which I didn't think was possible! Here is a simple DIY tip for making flavored milk, easily customizable to pair with your favorite cookie.

I wasn't trying to improve on the classic cookies and milk, it just kind of happened. I was enjoying my coffee creamer so much the other day that I started thinking about what else I could use it in. I finally came up with the thought of putting a bit of it in milk - and what's the best thing to do with milk? Dip cookies in it of course! This DIY Flavored Milk for Dipping Cookies is a quick solution to jazzing up a simple "cookies and milk" dessert.

Our favorite cookies are Oreos - this is without a doubt. I grabbed a package of Oreos at the store and then checked out the selection of coffee creamers to find a perfect match. As soon as I spotted the Coffee-mate Peppermint Mocha I knew it was going to be an excellent pairing with our favorite cookies. Between all the different cookies and coffees creamers available at the store, the "Flavored Milk and cookie" combinations are countless! {well not really, but who has time for all that?!?}

(side-note: that awesome dipping tool above is the dipr - so much fun for the kiddos!!)

Just like you use liquid coffee creamer for your coffee, add as much or little as you like. Enjoy!


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