Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Chocolate Lover's Boozy S'mores #Cheers2Chocolate

To share my love of chocolate and red wine, as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias, I made Chocolate Lover's Boozy Smores using ChocolatRouge Wine. The following content is intended for adults, ages 21+.

We are a bonfire-loving family which means we see a lot of S'mores over the course of Fall & Winter.When the sun starts to set my husband will head outside and start a little fire in our store-bought firepit. {In spirit, it's a big bonfire in the woods!} While he builds the flames, my job is to prep our beverages and snacks - and I love coming up with new fireside ideas. This year I have decided to leave the good ol' fashioned S'mores to the kids and kick ours up a notch with the help of ChocolatRouge Wine. Oh yes, we are incorporating Chocolate Wine into this holiday season with Chocolate Lover's Boozy S'mores!!

All that is needed is the basic ingredients for S'mores {graham crackers, marshmallows & chocolate} and a bottle of ChocolatRouge Wine. If you haven't heard about ChocolatRouge Wine yet, let me tell you - it is possibly one of the best things since sliced bread. It's a blend of rich chocolate flavors and fine red wine to create an amazing flavor that will leave you wishing you'd found it years ago. It's ok, I can wait for you to run out and grab a bottle - here is their store locator to help you out!

Ok, now the hard part. Roast the marshmallows as usual, but dip them into the ChocolatRouge Wine before assembling your S'more. So, it's not really hard at all - plus you get the added bonus of sipping on Chocolate Wine while roasting marshmallows. This is really a win-win situation here folks! We used a bottle of ChocolatRouge Milk Chocolate but there is also a Dark Red Blend and Sweet Red Blend. To find out which flavor would match your palate the best make sure to use the Sweet Meter on the ChocolatRouge website to find your perfect match!

And to say that a roasted marshmallow was the only thing I dipped into my glass of ChocolatRouge Wine would be a lie. I dunked my whole Chocolate Lover's Boozy S'more in it. No shame here - just being a chocolate & red wine lover! For some more delicious ideas of what you can do with ChocolatRouge {besides drinking it straight from the bottle} make sure to visit their Recipes page.

So whether you want Chocolate Lover's Boozy S'mores, an awesome gift for your favorite hostess or to surprise your favorite wine lover - make sure to grab a bottle of ChocolatRouge Wine this holiday season. I've seen it on sale at a couple different retailers and even received a $3 off coupon after purchasing my bottle {you know those coupons that print up at the checkstand?}, so I know there are some deals to be had out there!

For more information on ChocolatRouge make sure to visit them on Twitter and Facebook.


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