Friday, June 21, 2013

Monsters University Popcorn Mix with Juicy Juice #MUJuice

To celebrate the release of Monsters University, as part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias® and Nestle, I made a Monsters University Popcorn Mix using Juicy Juice Fruitifuls #MUJuice #cbias

To get my kiddos ready for the release of Monsters University, we had an afternoon filled with Monsters, Inc. themed fun - including a Monster Popcorn Mix, Monsters University-branded Juicy Juice healthy drinks, Monsters University toys and, of course, we watched Monsters, Inc.- for the umpteenth time. ;)

The lady at the store asked me if I was buying supplies to celebrate a birthday party. Nope - just the release of the prequel to one of our favorite movies. True story.

When I heard that Juicy Juice was going to be releasing Monsters University themed juice boxes - I was excited! I love, Love, LOVE when companies and brands that I already use and adore, team up with each other. It was the first item written on my Monsters University shopping list and the first thing I looked for when I went to the store.

 I always choose Juicy Juice because of their ingredients - all natural. They have two options; a 100% juice line and their Fruitifuls, which are 60% juice but have 35% less sugar than regular juice. Either one makes for a healthy drink and in this case - a Disney drink! Perfect for our Monsters afternoon. :)

One thing I didn't know was that Nestle Juicy Juice was hosting a sweepstakes for a grand prize Family Trip to Pixar Studios and a $5,000 Scholarship. Then, on top of that, there will be 10 first prizes of $5,000 Scholarships. All I had to do was buy a product, that I would buy anyway, go to the Juicy Juice sweepstakes page and enter in a code. If I won I would probably faint. I am a HUGE lover of everything Pixar - from their first shorts to my favorite princess of all time, Princess Merida of Brave. To visit their studio would probably make me cry and you may be laughing at me because of it. 

On that note - let's get to that popcorn!!

First thing, make sure to use white popcorn. I accidentally bought bags of buttered popcorn on my first trip to the store and the yellow threw off the color too much. I ended up going back and getting a bag of white corn popcorn kernels and using a hot air popper instead.

You will then make a secret sauce (recipe below), using Juicy Juice, to color the popcorn. This is as easy as it is awesome. Well, maybe a tad more awesome - because I have to admit, colored popcorn is pretty darn awesome.

Sprinkle in a little bit of powdered sugar and mix. Mix well. Mix good. Mix until you are done being amazed at how pretty your popcorn has turned out. :)

I chose teal and purple to represent James P. Sullivan's (Sully) colors. This was for Monsters, Inc., but think of all the colors you could use for different movies! Maybe a blue and orange for Finding Nemo, red and yellow for Cars or maybe a mix of all colors for Up.

Then I added some green candies that were in the shape of Mike Wazowski. Everytime I think of Mike Wazowski, I think of him saying, "Now put that thing back where it came from or so help me..." Makes me laugh. Every. Single. Time. haha

Finally, I drizzled with white chocolate and sprinkled with sprinkles, both crystal and nonpareil. Of course, you could color the white chocolate to incorporate another color and use sprinkles or add-ins that match whatever theme you are rolling with. I love how this Monster Popcorn Mix can be so easily customized!!

I surprised the kiddos with Monsters University swag including a shirt, poster and toys. In case you were wondering, they were stoked!! My younger-big boy was so giggly about Mike Wazowski being on his Juicy Juice box that it made me giggle. :)

I popped in Monsters, Inc, set up a TV tray with Juicy Juice Fruitiful boxes, a couple small bowls of Monster Popcorn Mix and the main characters of Monsters, Inc. They thought I was pretty awesome, which is always a rockin' feeling as a Momma. 

Entertainment is a vital part of life and I get such a kick out of watching their enjoyment and reactions to Disney movies that I know they will remember for years into their adulthood. It was also great to see two brothers just hanging together - no arguing or rough-housing, just giggles and smiles. :)

Colored Popcorn made with Juicy Juice
¾ cup Juicy Juice (water can be used if no Juicy Juice on hand, but Juicy Juice will give the sauce a pleasant smell!)
1 cup sugar
food coloring for desired color (I used the amounts shown for White Icing)
2 tablespoons powdered sugar
8 cups White Corn Popcorn, popped
1. In saucepan, combine Juicy Juice and sugar. Bring to boil over high heat until temperature reaches 238F, add food coloring and turn off heat.
2. In large bowl, pour sauce over popcorn, sprinkle with powdered sugar and mix. Mix until there is no liquid left in bottom of bowl and popcorn is evenly coated.
3. Evenly spread out on wax paper until completely dry.

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