Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Find of the Day #1 - Knife Depot

Knives are definitely one of the most important tools in the kitchen – and they are one of my favorites! There is nothing better than cutting into a piece of meat or produce with a wickedly sharp knife – and on the flip side, there is nothing worse than trying to do the same with a dull knife. For that reason, I am a bit of a knife snob, in regards to both the quality and the sharpness of the knives I use.

The cutlery set we own came from a department store – best part being, it was 50% off and we didn’t even know it! It is now nearing 5 years old and I am thinking we need an upgrade, but I have yet to find anything in a department store that is better than what we currently have. I don’t want to replace it, I want to upgrade it. So I have just talked myself into being satisfied with what I have… until today.

Sometimes I can be ditzy, but as to why I hadn’t looked at a knife retailer for a quality cutlery set is just beyond me! I am literally kicking myself in the rear for not finding Knife Depot sooner than I did. Not only do they have an AWESOME selection of knives that my hubby would love (swords, pocket knives, collector knives) but they also have an AMAZING selection of kitchen cutlery that I am just head over heels for!

Let me share a few of the gems I found...

First up, the Boker Damascus Kitchen Set - Olive Wood. This has to be the most beautiful set I have seen. There is no way that I could be good enough all year for Santa to bring me this - it's gonna take some work and sweat, but this is going on my official wish list.

via Knife Depot

Second is a Gerber Knife, their Gator Fillet Knife with 7.5" Full Tang High Carbon Stainless Steel Blade to be exact. I think this may be a Mother's Day present for me this year because I am in desperate need of a fillet knife and because my hubby and I are already Gerber fans. Romantic gift huh? :)

via Knife Depot

Third up is the Spyderco Moran Drop Point Skinner - which is used in hunting to skin game. Mr. Hungry Harp is not hunting yet - but considering he already has his huntung rifles picked out, I don't see it being too long from now. Plus, Spyderco is an American company - which Hungry Harps is very keen on supporting!

via Knife Depot

If you are in need of any knives I would highly recommend checking out Knife Depot. You can browse knives by brand or category and then sort those selections by price, bestselling, featured or release date. They also have a Knife Info & Tips sections that covers almost anything you could ever want to know about knives, from knife history to teaching your children about knife safety. I will definitely be going back to purchase my knives in the future - especially that Boker Damascus Kitchen Set!

What brand of knives do you use for food preparation? Where do you shop for your knives? What would be your dream cutlery set?


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