Thursday, September 3, 2015

Reinventing Date Night with Red Robin

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Red Robin for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

In an effort to spend more quality time with each other our family has begun a new tradition - date night. These date nights are not just for Mom and Dad though - they're also for the kids. My husband and I take turns dining out with a couple kids at a time {since we have 4 of the little monsters!}, venturing out to local hot spots that we know and love. One of my favorite places to eat when I was a kid was Red Robin. Oh, the memories! I haven't been in years and thought it would be the perfect spot to take my two older boys {ages 4 & 6} for dinner - I was totally right!

Just by walking in the front doors I could tell that the Red Robin I knew and loved had turned into something different - something better. There was a new energy in the air from what I had remembered, a new vibe if you will. It was immediately clear to me that this was the perfect choice for our Mother/Son(s) date night!

In addition to the awesome atmosphere of the restaurant, there was something new at each table - a tabletop ordering system. You can order drinks, appetizers, call your server, play games, pay your check and sign up to Red Robin Royalty. After reading about Red Robin Royalty I immediately signed up! Not only do you get a free birthday burger when you sign up for Red Robin Royalty {which was really enough to get me to sign up...} but also $20 towards your 6th visit, every 10th item free and other fun exclusives.

As soon as I flipped open the menu it was obvious that Red Robin had changed up their menu, but it was a pleasant surprise to see the classics I remember still being served. For a hamburger we could choose from one of Red Robin's Finest, Gourmet Burgers or Red's Tavern Burgers - so many selections that can all be customized! My boys ended up choosing a classic that I also loved as a kiddo, the Bacon Cheeseburger. Since my sons were sharing the burger our waitress made sure to have it cut in half before serving - I love the little things like that at a restaurant! I opted for the Royal Red Robin and was deliciously delighted with my choice.

Everything about our Red Robin visit was satisfying, from the food to the service and fun new ambience - it was an excellent choice for a family dinner outing. The dining area was set-up differently than I remember, more expansive than my last visit, which makes it perfect for date nights {even if they're with your children!}, catching a drink with co-workers after work or grabbing some beers with the buddies. No matter the size of your party {or family} there were great seating options for everyone. As I looked around it was fun to see everyone having a good time, contributing to the fun-loving atmosphere!

Red Robin has evolved into much more than the family-friendly restaurant I remember it being! In fact, in a couple weeks when it's my husband and I's turn for a date night we plan on heading to the Red Robin bar that looks fabulously renovated. I'm excited for my husband to pick from one of the new mouth-watering burger selections and for us both to explore the new brews and cocktails on their From The Bar menu. It's still a great place to take kids - but it's also an excellent choice for an adult date night, lunch with friends, drinks with co-workers and more. My Red Robin Royalty account is about to see a ton of activity!

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