Monday, July 13, 2015

Food-Themed Road Trip Bingo {Free Printable}

This Food-Themed Road Trip Bingo has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #TwizzlersSummer #CollectiveBias

Have you hit the road yet this summer? We are lucky enough to have gone camping, done quite a few staycations and taken a couple small in-state road trips to visit family and friends. It's been a fun summer-season on the road without any added games, but I decided to twist things up and create one for some added laughs, healthy competition and new way to make our time in the van go by a little faster. Since I love most things related to food - it was a no-brainer that I needed to make my own Food-Themed Road Trip Bingo. This game of bingo requires you to keep your eyes open and always on the lookout for food related places and things such as a Fruit Orchard, Coffee Shop or Picnic Area Road Sign. It's fun for all ages and sure to keep your passengers hungry for another food-related sighting!

There 6 bingo cards included in the Food-Themed Road Trip Bingo PDF {link at end of post...}, helping to make the chances of a tie highly unlikely. Let me share with you how to get these fun bingo cards ready for game-time! First, print out the cards at the end of this post. I like to use photo paper to help see the print more clearly and to add a shiny touch.

Next up, trim the bingo cards. Scissors will work, but a paper trimmer can really ensure even edges.

Then, laminate the bingo cards. This will ensure a long lifetime of use, easy clean-up and options for marking the bingo squares. I use a thermal laminator that requires pouches - so a little bit of trimming will be required after lamination.

So trim... and they're done! Ready for a little road-time action!!

And I'm going to give you one small cheat on how to beat your competitors out in this game - pack a bag of Twizzlers Twist and you got your ace in the hole! It's my favorite traveling snack, so I put it on the board.

There are two different options for marking the bingo cards; 1) round color coding labels or 2) wet-erase markers. I prefer option 1 since it has less potential for a messy disaster. Either way, these cards can be washed off with water and a paper towel and used time and time again.

Do you have any staple foods to bring along on road trips? One of my requirements for our road-food is that it can't be something that melts. {which totally leaves my beloved chocolate out of the question. boo!} We've all been there, trying to eat something that has melted, package peeled back and goop everywhere - leaving us feeling completely unsatisfied. So, I just skip that whole mess from happening and choose non-melting snacks. Since Twizzlers don't melt {and are SO easy to eat in the car!} they make the perfect companion for car trips. Plus, there are way more options than from when I was a kid - there are now Twizzlers Twists, Twizzlers Filled Twists, Twizzlers Pull 'n' Peel, Twizzlers Bites and Twizzlers Nibs. So many varieties and flavors - something for everybody!

I can usually find a nice selection of Twizzlers at Walmart, in the candy aisle amongst the other non-chocolate candies. It's the perfect place for me to stock-up on this road-trip favorite of mine since I buy a lot of my road-trip-needs there anyway...

Click the image below for the free printable Food-Themed Road Trip Bingo!


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