Thursday, June 18, 2015

Take-Out Sushi + Cell Phone Savings for Father's Day

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Don't you love finding out your going to have some extra cash? I'm sure everyone loves that feeling, especially when it's totally unexpected! I recently signed up for Walmart Family Mobile {switching from the service provider we've used for over 7 years} and the savings are huge! Since we are going to be saving a nice amount of money on our cell bill each month {thank you, WFM!} I decided to do something a little special for my husband for Father's Day - surprise him with his favorite nigri + sushi rolls from his favorite sushi restaurant. We will be spending actual Father's Day with extended family, so I wanted to make sure he got a little something special with just our family. Our crazy little family. Even if it was just raw fish in a styrofoam container, it was the perfect way to tell him thank you for being such an amazing Dad!

The kids and I also surprised him with his new phone, an Alcatel One Touch Pop Astro, already activated with Walmart Family Mobile service. He knew we were making the switch this month but didn't know it was going to happen already. Since he is a tech guy he was stoked to have a new gadget to play with check out.

The first thing he did was start using the 5mp camera to take pictures of the amazing food we were about to feast on. The camera on his old phone was busted so he hadn't been sharing any photos on social media - but I can already tell that's about to change. I can't wait to see the photos he takes on Father's Day this upcoming weekend! Moms and Dads take different types of photos of the kids, it will be nice to see the children from his camera angle as well.

Then he picked out some jams for us to listen to. Rule #1 on Father's Day - Dad gets his way. Well, most of the time anyway. haha But when it comes to music, I say let him have it. Lucky for me my hubby has an awesome taste of music. CCR? Yes please! Since we were at home the phone was connected to Wi-Fi, but if we were without Wi-Fi it is most likely that we would be in a Walmart Family Mobile 4G LTE service area - if you want to check the coverage in your local area make sure to visit the Walmart Family Mobile's coverage map on their site.

The new phone also came in handy to look up what was in each sushi roll. My husband pulled up the menu to the sushi restaurant we ordered take-out from and read off the ingredients before we started popping them in our mouth. It was pretty much any reason to use his new phone at this point. That's ok though, it's only $29.88/month for unlimited talk, text + data plus up to 1GB of 4G LTE - so use that phone until your heart is content, Daddy! {Disclaimer: All prices for phones and plans included in this post are accurate as of the date of posting; however, these prices are subject to change. Please refer to or your local Walmart for current pricing.}

By switching over to Walmart Family Mobile we will be saving enough money each month to afford an exquisite meal like this one we enjoyed for Father's Day. It may not seem like much, but for two people who used to enjoy dining out as much as did before having kids - it's huge. It was almost nostalgic to the times we would sit together, in our small apartment, feasting out of styrofoam trays. But one thing has definitely changed; back then I didn't have little rascals sneaking my unagi nigri. At least they are cute little rascals. 

Everything you need to start up service with Walmart Family Mobile can be found at Walmart, in the electronics department. You set up the service at home - so buying the phone is a cinch, just pick out what you want and check-out. Seriously, the least painful process of getting new cell service I've ever experienced. Ever.


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