Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Grilled Personal Pan Pizza Bar

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At least once a week we try to get together with friends, just to catch-up with each other over a delicious meal. With the warmer weather rolling in we are spending this time together outdoors - most likely with the grill fired up! This past weekend we invited a few of our buddies over for our weekly catch-up and a Grilled Personal Pan Pizza Bar. We've enjoyed these tasty little Grilled Personal Pan Pizzas as a family, but this was the first time preparing them with a larger group. They were perfect and SO much fun! We also shared awesome personalized cans of Classic Coca Colas with our cronies. With names on the cans like Adventurer and Explorer, I knew they would be a hit with our crowd!

These Grilled Personal Pan Pizzas are made with my favorite homemade pizza dough, although store-bought crust can work as well. I just make the pizza dough per the recipe, then roll it out and cut out circles using a 3" round cutter. Then I press the dough rounds into the bottom of 5" aluminum foil pie tins. For easy storing, lightly dust the bottoms of tins so that they can be stacked without the pizza dough sticking to the tin being stored on top of it. To store, just place in refrigerator for up to 24 hours - making sure to keep in an airtight container.

We had a fun selection of sauces and toppings for our Grilled Personal Pan Pizza Bar. For sauces, we had tomato pizza sauce, pesto and a garlic & herb sauce - but next time I will also include bbq sauce. {because I'm a saucy like that!} Then we topped the sauciness with mozzarella. Mozzarella and pizza is like peanut butter and jelly, they just go together - but you can play around with any cheeses that you like. For toppings we had chicken, sausage, pepperoni, sweet peppers, artichoke hearts, parmesan cheese, tomatoes, mushrooms, olives, pineapple and green onions. Pick any toppings that you like though, everyone has different preferences!

And while the personal-pan pizzas were cooking on the grill, guests grabbed an ice-cold Coca-Cola Classic. Oh my gosh, these personalized cans were so much entertainment at our bbq! We had people picking out cans for each other and then we also had people calling dibs on certain cans for themselves. Not to mention the new nicknames that a couple of our friends have now... Plus, it was way easier to keep track of our sodas with our "names" on them - grillmaster in my case. ;)

During the time we shared Coca Cola Classics with our friends, the pizzas were being grilled to perfection! In only 10 minutes {at around 400 degrees} they are done. {we leave a timer by the bbq to help keep track of time} Once the pan cools enough to touch - they are ready to eat. Some people ate theirs with a fork out of the tin while others popped the pizza out of the tin, either way the Grilled Personal Pan Pizza Bar was a hit! Not only were the pizzas fun to make, it was so neat seeing the creations that everyone came up with.

Setting up a Grilled Personal Pan Pizza Bar takes a little prep work, but the outcome is wonderful! This was a crowd-pleasing idea that we will certainly be doing again and again. From creating Grilled Personal Pan Pizzas to sharing cans of Coca Cola Classic, the afternoon was filled with creativity and smiles.

I found my case of personalized Coca Cola Classic at Sam's Club {they happened to be having a demo that day for Coca Cola!}, where they also have Diet Coke and Coke Zero available. Be sure to check out some neat ideas for using the personalized Coca Cola cans at the Share it Forward website. I'd love to hear your favorite!
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