Saturday, January 18, 2014

Grave Digger-Inspired Cheesecake and a Monster Jam Show

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Grave Digger-Inspired Cheesecake

A few days ago I wrote about our excitement for Monster Jam coming to Sacramento - my family are huge fans and we were counting down the days until the show. Well, last night was our night! We attended the first Monster Jam show of the weekend at Sleep Train Arena and had a BLAST!! It was loud, destructive and exciting - everything I could ask for out of a Monster Jam show.

Our kids love playing with their many Monster Jam die-cast trucks, but nothing compares to the excitement of seeing their favorite trucks in person. They were so amped up about the show that it was hard for them to stay in their seats - sometimes not being able to. It was so much fun seeing my 3 & 5 year olds cheering on their favorite trucks and marveling at the special events. As any parent can relate, seeing their kids happy is a joy all on it's own {unless it's happiness from drawing on the wall with permanent pen...} - and Monster Jam filled my kids with happiness.

Grave Digger-Inspired Cheesecake

For myself, I thought the Monster Jam show was awesome! The lines to get into Sleep Train Arena moved quickly, the guest services for lower level seating was extremely polite, the emcee was extremely engaging with the crowd, the trucks were spectacular for the area they had to work with and the special events were so much fun!! This was the first time I had attended a Monster Jam show at Sleep Train Arena {formerly Arco Arena} and was quite pleased with all of the elements. I was a bit worried about the size of the arena as every other show I have attended has been in a larger venue - but it was still a great show! We had a wonderful time as a family, plus it was great seeing so many other families enjoying time together.

If you are in Sacramento, there are still a couple shows left - so make sure to check out for tickets. If not, check out for upcoming shows in your area!!

Grave Digger-Inspired Cheesecake

After hearing about Monster Jam from my kiddos all week I decided to make something Monster Jam-themed. I've been craving Cheesecake lately, so I decided to indulge myself a little and make a Grave Digger-Inspired Cheesecake. Awesome, right? My kiddos thought so!! {major brownie points for me. :)} It's a regular cheesecake with chocolate chips and green food dye added - then a berry sauce poured over the top. For the crust I used crushed chocolate sandwich cookies to resemble dirt. Now I am thinking I need to make a cheesecake for all of our favorite drivers - such a fun themed idea!!


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