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Geeky Date Night In #ad

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Geeky Date Night In #KYdatenight #ad

My husband has owed me a date night for the longest time. Not just any date though. A date at-home with a homemade meal. Chicken tacos to be exact. I won't say our first date was botched, I would just say that it didn't go according to plan... I was getting off work late-ish so instead of rushing to make a table at some restaurant my future husband offered to make me dinner whenever I made it over to his place. I had barely walked through his front door when his mother called. Yes, his mother. She had spotted a truck that was exactly what he had been looking for and was giving him the details. He had just sold his truck and was needing a new one ASAP, so she was just helping. I asked if he wanted to go look at it. He asked me if I was really ok with that. I said yes, wouldn't have offered if I wasn't. On the way to the truck I found out his parents were going to be there as well. Oh me oh my. Meeting parents on the first date? Who was this guy? lol We got to the truck and he loved it. (guess Mother Knows Best, right?) So then the ol' test drive came up. He again asked if it was ok, not wanting to make this more awkward for me than it may have already been. I said it was fine. So me and his Mom stood there making small talk, waiting for him and his Dad to return with the truck. This may have been the most awkward moment of all, but it passed quickly-ish. The dealership wasn't processing anymore sales but said they could hold the truck until the morning for him, so we were back to our agenda of dinner. His parents asked where we were going for dinner and at that point we didn't know. Both hungry and eager to get this date started, we really didn't care. When we got back in the car to get going he got a call from his mother. Yes, his mother. He hung up and told me that she had asked him if we would want to go to Black Angus with the two of them - no pressure, just being nice. (or maybe trying to scope out this girl who is interested in their only son... haha) I said yes (lol, I really am easy-going, it's just when I really want something that the claws come out!) and we were on our way to going to dinner with his parents. On our first date. Who does that?!?

6 years later we are still together - so the dinner couldn't have gone too bad. ;) But he still owed me chicken tacos... and I decided to help him finally make good on that debt. I took the kids to Grandma's house, stopped by Walmart on the way home and picked up all the ingredients he would need to make me us dinner. While I was there I decided to pick up a few items for our date-night and ended up making him us a Geeky Date Night kit. Well, it started out being for him, but it's not like I am going to let him enjoy all these goodies by himself!

Geeky Date Night In #KYdatenight #ad

I am happy to report that he made good on his chicken taco debt. He also plated them oh-so-lovely - scoring major brownie points. ;)

Chicken Soft Tacos #ad

Now about that Geeky Date Night kit... My geeky husband was so stoked on this gift, he couldn't wait to get our date night started!!

Geeky Date Night In #KYdatenight #ad

Geeky Date Night Kit

1. Coffee - Any true geek has an affinity for caffeine. Plus, my bedtime is around 9pm, so I was going to need some caffeine to make this a late-night endeavor.
2. Geeky Container - I used a Sterilite Mini File Crate. It will totally get re-used in our home office!
3. Something Sweet & Salty - Ever heard of Chocolate-Covered Bacon? It's a geek thing! I chose Pepperidge Farm Milano Slices Salted Pretzels.
4. Reese's Pieces - Are my husband and I the only ones who think of E.T. when they see these? Had to throw them in, especially since we are watching a movie.
5. Bow Chicka Wow Wow - It's date night y'all! I think geeks and non-geeks alike can agree that putting a package of K-Y Yours+Mine Couples Lubricants in any gift pack let's the recipient know what you have in store for the night! ♥
6. Puzzle Book - Geeks like to use their brains, plus solving problems together strengthens your bond. I chose a Word Search, but there are countless options out there!
7. Geek Movie - No chick-flicks here! I chose the first Star Wars trilogy since it's our fav geek movie series and we've yet to watch them on Blu Ray.

We started off the night by solving a couple word searches over dinner. The tacos were amazing and the company wasn't half bad either. ;) Then we started up a pot of coffee and popped Phantom Menace into the Blu-Ray player. We cuddled up together on the couch and munched on our geek snacks - totally geeking out together. It was an awesome night not to mention that it was totally needed! We have 4 kids under the age of 5 so "Mommy-Daddy Time" doesn't happen but once in a blue moon around here. I seriously need to plan these Geek Date Nights more often!

K-Y Date Night Offer on Package #KYdatenight #ad

There is also a deal included with the K-Y Yours+Mine Personal Lubricants that would be a disservice to not share. For a limited time there is a K-Y Date Night worth $40 that includes dinner & a movie. The dinner is from Plated {which I have been dying to try!!}, which is Chef-designed recipes & fresh ingredients delivered to your door. The movie is from VUDU, who distributes full-length movies over the Internet to television via Smart-TVs and other capable devices. Such an amazing deal, there is no way I could keep it to myself!! I found my box of K-Y Yours+Mine at Walmart and you can find a retailer that carries it near you at the K-Y Product Locator page.

K-Y Date Night Offer on Package #KYdatenight #ad


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